Stakeholder Engagement

The consultation focus is on electricity distribution-related consolidations. In preparation for external engagement, OEB staff will identify potential areas that may warrant further discussion with stakeholders based on, among other matters, a review of the language in the current MAADs Handbook, and a review of consolidation-related applications and decisions issued since the original MAADs Handbook was published.

OEB staff intends to meet with stakeholders who express an interest in participating in the consultation process during late summer and early fall. (Materials which will include questions for discussion will be provided to stakeholders prior to the scheduled meetings.)

The OEB encourages utilities and intervenors who have been involved in consolidation applications, as well as those who have not been involved in such applications but have considered consolidations, to participate. The main purpose of the meetings will be to:

  • Gain insights on experiences in filing and participating in a consolidation application(s).
  • Provide stakeholders with an opportunity to respond to questions and to comment on elements of the OEB’s current MAADs Handbook and filing requirements that they view as requiring modification.
  • Consider any proposed modifications through the lens of what risks/issues OEB policies are intended to resolve and which are for shareholders to manage and address through other means, including the review of incentives to encourage consolidation and whether they are aligned with ratepayer interests.
  • Consider the recommendations related to consolidations as outlined in the Auditor General of Ontario’s Value for Money audit report, Ontario Energy Board: Electricity Oversight and Consumer Protection.

Depending on the number of responses from parties interested in participating, it is currently anticipated that:

  • OEB staff will meet with a sample size of utilities on a one-on-one basis.
  • Intervenor input will be sought through a small group meeting.
  • A group meeting with any other interested participants will be scheduled, as required

Specific dates and details regarding engagement meetings will be organized by OEB staff once participation requests have been received.

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