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2022 Technical Resource Manual Update

The OEB has released the updated version of the natural gas conservation Technical Resource Manual (TRM). The TRM is updated annually to ensure that the information related to various energy efficient technologies and equipment is up to date and consistent with the best information available. The information in the TRM is used to calculate energy savings from energy efficiency and conservation programs. It is also used for program planning and developing delivery strategies.

The OEB also developed an electronic version of the TRM (eTRM) to act as a companion document to the main text-based TRM. The eTRM is a detailed, complete and discrete electronic dataset and identification system. The eTRM houses all technical information related to the various energy efficiency measures that have been, or currently are, offered in natural gas DSM programs. The primary purpose of the eTRM is to assist the OEB's Evaluation Contractor with data management tasks making the annual evaluation process more efficient. The eTRM also allows the OEB, its EC, members of the EAC, or other interested parties to look up information or manipulate the data, minimizing the burden of the standard text-based TRM document. The eTRM will be updated annually with all future TRM iterations.

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