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2023-25 Natural Gas DSM Evaluation, Measurement and Verification (EM&V) Plan

The OEB's 2023-2025 DSM EM&V Plan was produced by the OEB's Evaluation Contractor, DNV, with input from the OEB's Evaluation Advisory Committee. The 2023-25 EM&V Plan includes a list prioritized evaluation activity recommendations for the OEB to consider undertaking throughout calendar years 2024 through 2026.

The OEB will use the EM&V Plan as a reference document to help inform future evaluation work. Ultimately, all future evaluation activities will be subject to the OEB's procurement process. The scope of work for any future evaluation project will be informed by the EM&V Plan and input from the Evaluation Advisory Committee.

The EM&V Plan provides a thorough description of Enbridge Gas Inc.'s approved portfolio of programs that will be in market and available to customers throughout 2023-2025. For each program area, the specific offerings available to customers are described, with key benchmarks noted such as scorecard metrics, share of overall budget, natural gas savings and shareholder incentive allocation relative to the broader portfolio. Additionally, participation requirements, eligible efficiency measures, program maturity, target market and past evaluations are noted.

For all program offerings, the Evaluation Contractor has provided its perspective of program and evaluation risks related to natural gas savings accuracy (for example, insufficient tracking data, inaccurate adjustment factors, improper measure installation rates, inaccurate measurement or modelling approaches, etc.). Also shown is the likelihood of occurrence, impact on savings estimates and recommended evaluation activities and relative evaluation cost. Based on this assessment, the Evaluation Contractor has provided recommended evaluation activities for each offering, with suggestions on approach.

The 2023-2025 EM&V Plan is an important document that will help shape the OEB's review and assessment of Enbridge Gas Inc.'s approved natural gas energy efficiency and conservation programs.

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