2023 Agenda Announced

OEB CEO Susanna Zagar

The full OEB executive leadership team comes together in person in a live streamed panel discussion on the current energy sector landscape as well as emerging issues and challenges. Energy transformation leader Aisha Bukhari joins Policy Day 2023 to moderate a dialogue between Chief Executive Officer Susanna Zagar, Chief Commissioner Lynne Anderson, Chief Corporate Services Officer & General Counsel Carolyn Calwell and Chief Operating Officer Harneet Panesar.

(l-r) Aisha Bukhari, Susanna Zagar, Lynne Anderson, Carolyn Calwell and Harneet Panesar

Organizations may register for two breakout sessions. Each session is then attended by the individual selected to participate by their organization. Rooms will be assigned on a first-come, first-served basis. Capacity per breakout room is limited so participants are asked to indicate their preference and the OEB will do its best to accommodate.

  1. EV Charging Accessibility - Interest in electric vehicles (EVs) is tied to the availability of dependable charging infrastructure at home, in the workplace, and at public facilities. This session discusses markets and customer groups that may be underserved in terms of access to EV charging and explores the possible reasons for that lack of access.

  2. Continued Effectiveness of Adjudicative Policies & Intervenor Participation in the Hearing Process - Policy and process come together. This session is a focused discussion of the adjudicative policies prioritized for review over the upcoming three-year planning period as well as to-the-point solicitation of input on the successes and challenges of current processes for participating in the OEB’s hearings.

  3. Technology Transformation: Leveraging Technology Solutions to Modernize How the OEB Regulates - With technologies such as artificial intelligence and machine learning transforming businesses and society, regulatory delivery needs to evolve as well. This session is an open discussion about how the OEB’s Office of the Registrar can leverage opportunities to adopt new technologies in support of adjudicative processes and will consider potential challenges.

  4. Developing a Benefit Cost Analysis for Local Electricity System Planning - Characterization of Societal Impacts - A discussion of how the broader energy system impacts of local system planning decisions, particularly those with societal implications, can be understood and applied in OEB decision-making.

  5. The Regulator’s Role in Implementing a Distribution System Operator Model in Ontario - An exploratory conversation about the regulatory considerations the OEB should contemplate when looking at the various factors associated with implementation of a Distribution System Operator.

What We Heard
A regroup on the breakout room discussions, including a report back on the feedback and questions raised by sector stakeholders.

OEB CEO Susanna Zagar

Policy Day 2023 has ended. For information on Policy Day, please return to https://engagewithus.oeb.ca/policyday.

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